Conscious Recovery is a ground breaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction that can transform your life. Author and spiritual teacher TJ Woodward is changing the conversation about addiction, because he recognizes that underneath all addictive behavior is an Essential Self that is whole and perfect.

TJ Woodward's Conscious Recovery MethodTM moves beyond simply treating behaviors and symptoms. It focuses on the underlying root causes that drive destructive patterns, while providing clear steps for letting go of core false beliefs that lead to addictive tendencies. Whether it is unresolved trauma, spiritual disconnection, or toxic shame, these challenges need to be addressed in order to achieve true and permanent freedom.

TJ Woodward
Founder and CEO

TJ Woodward is a revolutionary recovery specialist, inspirational speaker, bestselling author, and addiction treatment consultant who has helped countless people through his simple, yet powerful teachings. He is the founder and creator of Conscious RecoveryTM and The Conscious Recovery MethodTM.


TJ has been helping people break the cycle of their addictive behavior for over 30 years, and has served as a counselor or spiritual director at prestigious top-tier, high-end addiction treatment centers for well over a decade. From the get-go, he received rave reviews.


Clients who reluctantly came to treatment for short-term programs were excited about working on themselves and wanted more of TJ's unique approach in helping them break free of their addictive behaviors and live more fulfilling and connected lives.


Conscious Recovery was born out of his over 30 years of personal recovery and well over a decade of working in the addiction treatment field.

As a spiritual author and inspirational speaker TJ enlightens and entertains audiences around the world. Utilizing his captivating and authentic style, he assists people in changing the way they experience life.​ 


In early 2020, he was given the distinct honor of being selected as a thought-leader on wholehearted.org along with Brene Brown, Dr. Gabor Mate, and Mark Lundholm.

TJ published his first book, Conscious Being: Awakening to Your True Nature in 2015. His second book, Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction was released in December of 2017.


TJ is the founding minister of the Agape Bay Area Spiritual Center in Oakland. Agape Bay Area was the first satellite community of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles founded by Michael Bernard Beckwith.