Are you ready to break the cycle of your addictive behavior? 

Are you in recovery but you feel like you’ve reached a plateau?

Are you looking for a more life-affirming approach to recovery?

You have the power to break your addiction.

Conscious Recovery can help. 


Conscious Recovery Coaching packages have been developed as a way to integrate The Conscious Recovery MethodTM into daily living. Each package consists of a weekly 50-minute counseling session, weekly customized "growthwork" assignments, unlimited email communication, and a once a month "911" FaceTime session.


Conscious Recovery Coaching is facilitated by a Conscious Recovery certified coach personally trained by TJ Woodward, who will guide you through this customized and life-changing program. The program is available in 3 and 6 month packages.


Conscious Recovery is a the much anticipated second book by TJ Woodward, the author of the bestselling book Conscious Being: Awakening to Your True Nature. 


Conscious Recovery offers a pathway toward liberation that can assist you in creating a life filled with love and connection. It explores methods for changing the ways of thinking that keep you stuck in a pattern of hopelessness, so you can come into alignment with an existence overflowing with compassion and purpose. TJ Woodward calls this the "great remembering." It is reclaiming the truth of who and what you are.


TJ Woodward has many Conscious Recovery events throughout the year. He speaks and facilitates workshops, retreats, and other special events.  TJ has discovered the secret formula for awakened living; it’s the magic of authenticity.

Having touched countless people through his presentations, TJ's inspirational talks, interactive workshops, and dynamic clinical trainings, provide the unique opportunity to hear and meet this extraordinary speaker whose wisdom and dynamic presence communicates to the mind, heart, and soul