Are you a treatment or mental health provider? 

Are you looking for a ground-breaking and effective new modality?

Would you like to discover dynamic tools and practices to assist your clients?

You have the power to help your clients heal from addiction.

Conscious Recovery can help. 


The Conscious Recovery Method is a system of care that can be integrated into any existing treatment program. It is a treatment modality that includes 12-weeks of residential and outpatient curriculum and extensive clinical training.

The residential curriculum focuses on assisting clients in connecting with their authentic self and breaking free from addictive patterns. The outpatient curriculum

is based on the spiritual and recovery principles introduced in TJ Woodward’s groundbreaking and effective Conscious Recovery Workbook.


Conscious Recovery is a the much anticipated second book by TJ Woodward, the author of the bestselling book Conscious Being: Awakening to Your True Nature. 


Conscious Recovery offers a pathway toward liberation that can assist your clients in creating a life filled with love and connection. It explores methods for changing the ways of thinking that keep them stuck in a pattern of hopelessness, so they can come into alignment with an existence overflowing with compassion and purpose. TJ Woodward calls this the "great remembering." It is reclaiming the truth of who and what they are.


TJ Woodward has over a decade of experience creating and delivering powerful trainings and presentations. He is available to present at your conference, special event, or treatment program. TJ can create customized trainings with the clinicians in your program to elevate their knowledge and assist your program in achieving brilliant results. 

Areas of Expertise: Conscious Recovery, Mindfulness Based Treatment, Holistic Modalities, Spiritual Care Programs, LGBTQ Specialized Treatment, and more.